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Our Trustees


The following Trustees of our Tonse Pai Family Trust (R) were expired.
1. T. Ramadas Pai, Udupi
2. T. Ramanath Pai, Brahmavar
3. T. Trivikram Pai, Mumbai
We acknowledge their services to the family and pray Lord for eternal peace to departed soul.

Appointed New Trustees


1. T. Ganesh Ramdas Pai, Udupi

2. T. Vasudeva R. Pai, Bangalore

3. T. Praveen P. Pai, Mumbai



At present our family members are residing in large numbers at Kallianpur, Manipal, Udupi, Brahmavar, Udupi Dist. and D.K. Dist. performing regularly the Poojas and sevas of our Kuladevatha, Ishta Devatha and our Swamiji. Our family members are also spread over in other places of Karnataka, Maharashtra and also in other Foreign Countries. They have brought laurels to the family and the society due to the dedicated and useful work in various fields. With a view to bring together all the members of our Tonse Pai Family spread over throughout the country as well as in the foreign countries, the family members Joined together and formed a Trust on 23-11-2000 an appointed Sri T. Sadananda Pai, Businessman, Manipal as the main Author of the Trust.Our Moola Purusha Sri Devendra Pai who resided at Tonse, his son Manjunath Paiís second son Ranga Paiís Seven Male Childrens and third son Rama Paiís Five - 12 Trustees from each section for 12 male children and registered Tonse Pai Family Trust (R).

In the meeting held on 31-12-2000 under the leadership of Sri T. Narayana M. Pai at Kallianpur Sri Venkataramana Temple, the future programmes and activities were thoroughly discussed. the future programmes and activities were thoroughly discussed.


Our Ancestors Trustees (4th Generation)

1. Srinivasa Ranga Pai - T. Pundalik Pai, Bangalore
2. Nagappa Ranga Pai - T. Ramadas Pai, Udupi
3. Mukunda Ranga Pai - T. Vittaldas G. Pai, Mangalore 44

4. Anantha Ranga Pai - T. Narayana M. Pai, Manipal
5. Moodlagiri Ranga Pai - T. Sadananda Pai, Manipal
6. Vasudeva Ranga Pai - T. Ramanath Pai, Brahmavar
7. Cherdappa Ranga Pai - T. Devadas Pai, Udupi
8. Venkataramana Rama Pai - T. Ramakrishna Pai, Chennai
9. Sheshagiri Rama Pai - T. Sadananda Keshav Pai, Kallianpur
10. Subraya Rama Pai - T. Aravinda Pai, Kallianpur
11. Krishna Rama Pai - T. Trivikram Pai, Mumbai
12. Achutha Rama Pai - T. Suresh Pai, Mumbai

One Trustee each is appointed from each of the divisions of family of the 7 Male issues of Ranga Pai and 5 Male issues of Rama Pai belonging to the third generation of the family.grammes and activities were thoroughly discussed.

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