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What Geetha Says About Life

Life is a Challenge meet it
Life is a Gift accept it
Life is an Adventure dare it
Life is Sorrow overcome it
Life is a Tragedy face it
Life is a Duty perform it
Life is a Game play it
Life is a Mystery unfold it
Life is a Song sing it
Life is an Opportunity take it
Life is a Journey complete it
Life is a Promise fulfill it
Life is Love enjoy it
Life is Beauty praise it
Life is a Sprit realize it
Life is a Struggle fight it
Life is a Puzzle solve it
Life is a Goal achieve it

Our Prayer To The Load

All the religious programmes and the various other social activities as mentioned above have been conducted by us with the active participation and co-operation of all the family members for the future welfare of our family. We solicit similar participation and co-operation in future also. May the Lord bestow us all with peace, health and prosperity to all family members and all others and we also pray to give us the strength and the will to help in carrying out the future programmes and activities in various fields in a successful and useful manner.


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